BC Signing on sheet

Categories & Points for BC & T.L.I. Leagues (2008-9)

Yorkshire Cyclo-Cross Treasurer for British Cycling

Peter Sutton (0113 2574435) is the Yorkshire Area Treasurer. All event insurance fees, levies etc are to be sent to to him. Please remember to send the £12 insurance levy to Peter in addition to your levies.

Pete Sutton,
17 New Park View,
W. Yorks,
LS28 5TZ

A riders best six events from a possible eight to count for the series total. Event organisers who usually lose out on the day of their own race because they are unable to ride, are to be awarded points equivalent to their best finish in the other Yorkshire points events for that race. (Unless they ride the event).

Born 1990 or earlier Seniors 40 points for a win
Born 1968 or earlier VET 40 40 points for a win
Born 1958 or earlier VET 50 20 points for a win
Born 1948 or earlier VET 60 10 points for a win
Born 1991 or earlier Women 10 points for a win
Born 1991 or 92 Juniors 20 points for a win
Born 1993 to 96 Youth 20 points for a win
Born 1995 or 96 Under 14 In with Youths

e.g. A person born in 1994 will ride the whole series as a Youth. The under 14 category does not currently have a separate points table. There may be a separate prize for the first under 14 at the discretion of the promoter and dependant on the number of entries.

Any queries please contact one of the Yorkshire committee or e-mail Darrell


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Could you please provide any information on any contacts within cyclo cross who may be intersted in our services.
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