YCCA Committee Meeting 8.11.10


Apologies: Paul M, JB, PC.


Present: MG, JR, Peter M, MP, AW, PS, SB, FR, PI, PT, DB, CY.


1)    Change of commissaires.

Due to unavailability, the commissaire for Todmorden, 2.1.12 will now be PS. MG to ring RF to check availability for Thornes Park 19.12.10.


2) 3 Peaks.

JR reported that this was a great success and thanked all helpers. Two riders caused problems, one by retiring and failing to sign off or to alert organising team in any other way and so almost causing a full scale call out by the mountain rescue. The second by a lack of preparedness for an event this strenuous.

The question of enforcing the width rule of straight bars was discussed with the decision being made to revert to drop bars only in future.

PM asked for a speed control to be inserted at the new checkpoint at Cold Cotes.

MP reported on problems with later finishing riders coming into conflict with the cars of early leavers at the junction at Helwith Bridge. JR to request that early leavers exit car parks in opposite direction in future.


2)    Inter Area Champs.

CY reported successes in the Youth and Vets categories.


3)    Belgian Trip.

CY reported on a very successful trip aand thanked SB and Ian McParland for their help. He provided a written report (available separately) detailing the riders achievements. Cost 1120 of which 350 provided by Keith Edwards Trust and 300 by Dave Rayner Fund. The balance to be made up from YCCA funds.


4)    Scoring System Review.

DB reported that Fraser Snowden was not receiving results soon enough in order to publish them. FR has already discussed the problem with Tap Timing who have undertaken to address the problem. As a minimum, the organiser will be provided with a list of the first ten finishers in each category before the end of the event.

MP suggested that in order to make scoring easier, YCCA purchase a set of numbers which are colour coded for each category. This should avoid inconsistencies in sets provide by organisers. PS will look into obtaining funding from regional funds. PI recommended that a review of the timing system be held at the end of the season.



5)    U12 Prizes

MP reported on successful introduction of new system and will contact remaining organisers to offer this service to them.


6)    National Trophy, Peel Park.

JR reported that he had arranged the hire of tables, chairs, toilets and marquee, and had arranged security at a lower cost than last year. PS has arranged 1st Aid and the provision of radios, marshals jackets and whistles. MG to arrange marshals. DB to place request for marshals on website. MP to provide U12 prizes. FR to provide U12 numbers (prize given on return!). AW to provide start banner. Paul M to provide signage. JR to request motorbike rangers to control dog walkers. PT to supervise marking out of course on Thursday 10.12.10 from 9.00am. Course to be set up on Saturday 12.12.10 from 9.00am. Helpers meet at 7.00am on Sunday 13.12.10. Signing on by SG, MP, MB, CR. Martin Eadon to arrange hurdles. Peter M to arrange tea and biscuits for volunteers in marquee. FR to arrange catering kiosk. RF, Graham Bird AND Paul M to be asked to commissaire pits.


7)    Future Events

JR proposed that YCCA tender for the Nat. Trophy in Jan. 2012 and the Nat. Championships in Jan. 2013. The committee gave its unanimous support.


8)    Sports Aid Grants

JR outlined the new arrangements for applications and suggested that YCCA draw up own recommendations for deserving applicants and supply these to Brian Furness to aid him in his new responsibility of making nominations to the awarding body. Possible applicants were listed by the committee.


9)    YCCA Dinner

MP distributed the tickets that she had produced. JR suggested that Louise Robinson be approached as guest speaker. MG to arrange medals and certificated. JR to arrange trophies.


10)           AOB

DB reminded all of the imminent closing date for entries to the N. of England.

MP requested help in organising BSCA regional champs. and also suggestions of a venue.

PI has created a YCCA Facebook page to help dissemination of info.

It was agreed to base the gridding for the first race of the season on results from previous season to avoid unfairness in gridding subsequent races if anyone missed the first race.


Next Meeting is to be the YCCA AGM.