Minutes of YCCA Committee Meeting 6.9.2010



Apologies. PC, Paul M.


Present. MG, PT, JR, DB, FR, MP, AW, CY, PS, SB, PI, TE, JB + Sonny and Jane Curwen.


1)      Scoring system.

FR reviewed background and introduced SC of Tap Timing to explain this system which has been adopted successfully in the summer series. SC attributed some of the teething troubles experienced at the Oakbank event to the differences between summer and winter events. The working group has contracted Tap Timing to score the Yorkshire Points series this season at a cost of 40 per event ( 10 per main race with U12 free +10 for Jasmine, the number recorder). SC highlighted problem with scoring the U12s when these were split into separate age categories. This could be overcome by treating each category as a separate race although this would involve an extra cost. DB asked about the non-points races. SC pointed out that these did not form part of the initial agreement. FR+PI emphasised that the aim was to train a pool of people to run the system to avoid dependence on SC and his team. PS offered accommodation for a possible training session and he and SC will liaise to arrange a date. FR suggested that 50% of the cost per event be subsidised by cash remaining from the Summer Series with the rest coming from a race levy. PS offered to generate a new levy form for organisers to include this and the new U12 race fee. SC not available for Northallerton race. MG determined what would be necessary in his absence and will ring the organiser to discuss arrangements including adoption of new race regulations.



2) New Rules.

A short discussion of the success of the adoption of new race regulations took place.


3) Appointment of Commissaires.


5.9.10 - Oakbank. MG.

12.9.10 - Northallerton. MG+JR

19.9.10 Camphill. Peter M.

3.10.10 Temple Newsam. Paul M.

10.10.10 Star Wheelers. AW.

17.10.10 - New College. RF (provisional)

24.10.10 Bradley Woods. MB.

14.11.10 Graves Tennis Centre. FR.

21.11.10 Myrtle Park. PC.

28.11.10 Graves Park. DB.

19.12.10 Thornes Park. PS.

2.1.12 Todmorden. MG.



4) Points Series.

It was agreed that 7 out of 9 races will count towards final positions.


5) National Trophy.

JR read out congratulatory letter from UCI regarding organisation of Nat. Champs. last season. Ian Poole the Chief Commissaire for this seasons event will be meeting a group of committee members at Peel Park at 10am on Wed. 15.9.10. JR to organise security and mobile toilets. FR to book refreshments. PM to organise tea bar for helpers and to act as ambulance liaison if necessary. PS to obtain extra radios, book 1st Aid. MP to organise U12 prizes. PT has designed modifications to course to allow for double pits and to avoid bridge currently under repair.


6) 3 Peaks.

JR requested assistant commissaire, Peter M volunteered to do this. CY to act as equipment checker. This year race is to start at 9.30am with a cut off at Horton at 2pm. Registration is now in a marquee in field. Mountain Rescue have requested two extra check points. Scoring is to be carried out by SportsIdent. There are 594 entries this year.


7) Sports Aid Grants.

JR listed the grants he has applied for this season.

Tom Moses 1000 (500 of which from Bradford)

Joe Moses 500

Jack Clarkson 500

Nick Barnes 500


8) YCCA Dinner.

To be held on 5.2.2011. JR is holding ticket cost at 22. MP to print tickets. JR requested suggestions for guest speaker.


9) Inter Area Champs.

CY to organise mens teams. Lynn Bland to organise womens teams.


10) Belgian Trip.

CY hopes to organise another trip to give selected Youth riders experience of riding abroad. PS pointed out that less money would be available from YCCA funds this year but that he would look into this further. To be discussed at next meeting.


11) 3 Peaks Training Day.

JR reported on a successful event.


12) British Cycling Cyclo-Cross AGM.

PS reported on this event.


Date of next meeting Monday 8th November 2010.